Pesky People blogger Alison Smith is in Glasgow due to close family bereavement.

The support and appreciation and offers of help, openness and willingness to work with us since the last blog has been fantastic. (Read Hello Digital : Digital Disaster)

Pesky People is looking forward to working with Hello Digital, Screen WM and all wonderful people involved in the Digital scene to find fantastic ways to address accessibility and engagement and involvement in strategic, technical, creative and social terms (yes we want it all).

New website coming soon funded by The Learning Revolution and Community Voices (Media Trust) and delivered by Talk About Local +

Read Pete Ashton’s fab blog in the meantime (link opposite under the heading Mentions).

Site highlights: a fully accessible site that challenges and fights for digital accessibility at all levels for Disabled and Deaf people. Who will be included in the Hall of Shame? Techies we aren’t but passionate about accessibility, our rights and wanting to be involved in the digital revolution, we are. This was our dream it’s becoming a reality.

The wish list Pesky presented last Friday 23rd (also Getonlineday)  included include options for audio, video, subtitling, audio description, easy text, colour, screen size options, wigits (Point symbols) and British Sign Language interpretation.

It will include a well laid out Accessibility statement that doesn’t lead you to the BBC ‘My Web My Way’ website to find out what web accessibility is all about. Please web developers/designers/managers tell us, who decided THAT was good practice? Did you ever ask Disabled and Deaf people if that was what they wanted?

Pesky People website will address web and digital accessibility on a practical level online and off to ensure that there are strategies in place – to build partnerships, obtain funding (we are voluntary), work together to involve and engage Disabled and Deaf people as visitors, programmers, artists, geeks and all that is wonderful about Digital.

Digital inclusion won’t just be a buzz word to us but working towards a reality.

Many thanks.