Is wordpress accessible for Deaf / Disabled people – so far no!

I’m new to blogging, this is my first day – I want to get it right. I need your help

Thumbs Down: image is of a 3D keyboard button with a white hand, cuffed outlined (in thumbs down position) stamped on it. Also stamped on top of the button is a light red swirling symbol.

My priorities is that this blog must be accessible.

It must incorporate full access – I’d be hypocritical otherwise that means my friends and other can access it regardless of disability, reading needs etc.

I know my first blog is word heavy. I want to ensure it has:

  • a good font style – Ariel 14pt as standard
  • include audio transcripts of my blogs
  • include BSL/subtitled audio description transcripts of my blogs
  • alt tags so any images are accompanied by a description
  • get rid of any un-necessary clutter on each page
  • sort out the shortcut so tabs work across the page
  • navigates easily – and makes sense
  • find a way to incorporate widgets (check out Eden Project’s use of Points developed with Widgets

Have I missed anything out? I can only get it right with your help. So contact me.

So what’s wrong with wordpress? This is my impression so far

  • navigation – the tab only allows you to either type in a new website address or jump to search the web (on my mac anyway)
  • Font style and size is terrible – it uses Georgia, you can’t increase it online; the basic requirements are to avoid sans-serif so … I have to type using pages then copy it into the blog
  • Colour contrast – black on white. How do I change the background contrast?- crap if you are dyslexic like me or need good contrast?
  • Bullet points are light grey – I can hardly see them
  • I’m still trying to find out how to update my layout – I’ll get there

So what else doesn’t work? Please contact me and let me know