Blogging about my terrible treatment at Orange [see the The future is NOT Orange] got a fantastic result.

The press picked it up – both BBC Radio Shropshire and Shropshire Star.

The BBC journalist contacted Orange Executive Office in Darlington (they only deal with journalists or industry people) who then got in touch direct.

They read the Pesky People post and are looking for my letter of complaint (am I glad I blogged!).

Orange has agreed to:

  • terminate the mobile phone upgrade immediately
  • return my contract back to what it was
  • take back the HTC Touch Diamond
  • unlock me from my mobile phone contract early to go with another provider
  • will compensate me for costs I have incurred
  • investigating the poor customer service and treatment I received at Orange Telford Store which they reassure me is being taken very seriously

I had direct contact with one person who dealt with this at all times (thanks Jamie).

Oh – and they are looking into my suggestions on how to improve customer services and information for disabled customers on their website, so watch this space.

Thanks Orange – you redeemed yourselves.

By the way – Trading Standards told me that by law I wasn’t entitled to have the contract terminated and it was my responsibility to know this and not the store to tell me (did you know that?).

They ignored everything  I mentioned about Disability discrimination and focused solely on the consumer legislation. I was also advised to write complaint letter giving them 2 weeks to respond (which I did). If they didn’t respond then to then to contact Trading Standards again.

In my case blogging was more effective than a complaint letter.

7 August 2010:  It’s been nearly a YEAR since I wrote this first blog – I NEVER got a formal letter of response from Orange. Says it all really.