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When is Deaf apartheid acceptable?

This question is prompted by two conversations I had on the same night whilst attending The Magic Hour screening at The Lighthouse Cinema in Wolverhampton on Tuesday (17th Nov 09). The first I was told that organisations are deliberately not including Deaf people in their events because of the cost of booking British Sign Language Interpreters (BSL). In contrast Justin Edgar’s commitment to make sure The Magic Hour is accessible to Disabled and... 
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Thank you Virgin Trains

Dear Virgin Trains, Thank you for your brilliant response to Pesky People’s complaints and blog about my nightmare journey back from Glasgow. Thank you for your effort to compensate my experience – unexpected and very much appreciated. Richard Branson didn’t respond in person but … Friday morning brought a delivery;I thought it was my wee nephews Xmas presants bought online. WRONG. I took pictures. Technology fails me. I cannot get... 
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Update: Virgin trains misery

Following my last post about my  Virgin train misery and tweets flying around @virgintrains on twitter. It has achieved some short term results – whilst I travel back up to Glasgow today. Richard Baker General Manager for Virgin Trains Liverpool, North Wales & Chester to London routes arranged for me to meet Gary Iddon, General Manager of Wolverhampton Station. It was brief but we will meet again to discuss disability access on their rail... 
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Virgin Train misery: Travel on a Sunday (our shortest weekend journey times ever)

Dear Richard Branson, This blog is an open letter to your regarding the worst train journey I have ever had curtsey of Virgin Trains. I paid £69 for the privilege  – I’ll be lucky to even receive £6.90 the 10% I’m entitled to under the National Rail Conditions of Carriage in train vouchers instead of cash. It won’t even begin to compensate for the distress it caused to me and other customers tied up in the delays. Now I have to find... 
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Digital inclusion not just be a buzz word

Pesky People blogger Alison Smith is in Glasgow due to close family bereavement. The support and appreciation and offers of help, openness and willingness to work with us since the last blog has been fantastic. (Read Hello Digital : Digital Disaster) Pesky People is looking forward to working with Hello Digital, Screen WM and all wonderful people involved in the Digital scene to find fantastic ways to address accessibility and engagement and involvement... 
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